Your Independent Community Platform

  • Special Offer
  • €2.300,00
  • Regular price €3.500,00

Crovv offers a special Platform so that You can build Your Independent Community.

We offer the solution for a successful online community.
Think of a combination of Facebook together with Linked, Zoom and WhatsApp in your own private environment.

You can start building a worldwide community with fair technology made by honest people.

We do not profit on your data, because we think that is fair. offers independence through honest technology!

License is normally € 3.500,- for one year with NO extra start-up costs.

Special Offer € 2.300,-

Can you invite up to 60 of your clients in your High End Coaching Community Platform.

Your logo is placed in combination with two of your brand colours on the platform.

Five different user roles with default rights per role.

We set up your sub-domain for example:

After we received your payment we will contact you in two business days!

Your Community will be online in the next 10 business days

Full list of functionalities

  • Timeline including photo, video upload with Like and Comment options.
  • Extended user profiles
  • Video conference for 1 on 1 conversations or for group conversations including calendar function
  • Chat / Messenger function
  • Connecting / Linking with other users
  • Feature Recommendations
  • Login page and Registration page (can also be linked to your own website)
  • Admin dashboard including sending emails from the platform and CSV export
  • Matchmaking function
  • You can add different groups 
  • E-commerce shop for products or event tickets 
  • Unlimited use of the Crovv Video Conference

License costs:

  • 1st year one-off € 3.500,00 excluding 21% VAT
  • Second and subsequent years € 50.00 per user per year up to 60 users.
  • Above 60 users we will calculate the standard license costs for a Crovv Platform and these are starting at € 250.00 per month.